Reverse the Effects of Fire Damage

Reverse the Effects of Fire Damage

Call on fire remediation and restoration services in Pittsburg, CA and surrounding areas

Has a fire left your home or business building in ruins? If so, you need fire remediation and restoration services from MDC Builders, Inc. Our professional fire restoration team can handle everything from a small kitchen fire to a home-consuming blaze.

Choose Pittsburg, CA's and the surrounding areas' top fire remediation and restoration services team for prompt, dependable and effective fire and smoke cleanup. Set up an appointment immediately by dialing 925-427-2264.

Why fire damage repair work is always necessary

Just because the fire has been extinguished doesn't mean your home or office is safe. Structural damage and the lingering odor of smoke can turn an entire building into a safety hazard. Even areas without obvious damage can pose a danger to homeowners. Some danger areas include:

  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Ceilings

Fire damage repair work also includes restoring your belongings. Furniture and flooring are often made from synthetic materials. When burned, these create a toxic combination of complex chemical reactions. If you call for fire restoration services quickly, we may be able to restore these items before they become too hazardous to keep. We are able to help with extraction.

Reach out to MDC Builders today for top-notch smoke and fire damage repair services in the Pittsburg, CA and surrounding areas.